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This agreement on the processing of personal data is developed in accordance with the offer.

All persons who have filled in the information constituting the personal data on this site, as well as those who have placed other information by the indicated actions, confirm their consent to the processing of personal data and their transfer to the operator of personal data processing.

Under the personal data of the Citizen means the following information:

general information (Name, surname, email address and telephone number, as well as other information specified in the application); site visitors send their personal data to gain access to free materials, to receive information letters about the company’s offers, including those from third parties.

The citizen, accepting this Agreement, expresses his interest and full consent that the processing of their personal data may inсlude the following actions: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement (updаte, change), use, destruction.


The citizen guarantees: the information provided to them is complete, accurate and reliable; the provision of information does not violate the current legislation, the legal rights and interests of third parties; All information provided is completed by the citizen in respect of himself personally.



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